About ESIEA 
15 October 2016

Throughout the course, an integral part of ESIEA’s teaching strategy includes access to its research laboratories. From year one, future engineers are confronted with real-world problems in applied research, giving them a taste for innovation.

Research and innovation are closely linked to our teaching approach. The research lecturers’ work provides material for all the teaching programs, especially the major and minor subjects in the 5th year.

ESIEA is particularly keen on linking teaching and researching.

Research at ESIEA is a collective affair, bringing together research lecturers, research associates, phd students and undergraduates.

It is a fundament component of the education provided by the school: laboratories are on campus and the researchers involve students in their research work on a regular basis; as part of their lectures, when starting up a research project or in the context of more advanced scientific projects.

The laboratories are a valuable resource for students, who have access to them right from year 1. The time spent in the laboratories encourages the students’ spirit of invention and innovation. The purpose of every applied research project is to solve a genuine problem.

For example, the work of the INSH (Digital Interactions – Health and Handicap) is based on varied technological skills (virtual and/or augmented reality, robotics, connected objects, information systems and embedded systems), an expertise in Health and Handicap technologies and on a multidisciplinary collaborations network.


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