Welcome to ESIEA, the Graduate School that provides not only high level engineering training but also develops the personal abilities of our students, giving them life skills that make all the difference!

ESIEA, recognised by the State, authorised by the CTI (a government body for quality assurance in graduate engineering schools) and a member of CGE (Conférence des Grandes Ecoles), has built its reputation on transferring knowledge, know-how and life skills to its future graduates, enabling them to enter their first position swiftly and to develop their career in a continuously changing world.

We are proud of the quality and diversity of our 7,800 graduates’ career paths and this confirms that our school is firmly in touch with reality.

The Alumni, who have been owners of the school since 1986, are involved  with the  students in different years, enabling them to benefit from their expertise, experience and their professional networks.

In practical terms, what can one learn at ESIEA?

Our ambition is to train engineers as designers, developers, system and application integrators by combining coursework in IT, electronics and automated systems.  They know how to design, to model and to simulate a process seen in numerous fields with the use of new technologies e.g. designing a drone, safeguarding a computer network, carrying out medical imaging, setting up interbank communication systems, to name but a few.

Given the broad training on offer, they also have the opportunity to acquire solid technical skills in one of the research fields within the school or to expand their skills by working in conjunction with our academic partners in France or abroad. Whether it be through the courses taught, the teamwork on practical projects or humanitarian, cultural or sporting activities, our students find the means to stimulate their creativity, and to develop their taste for innovation, their capacity to adapt and their sense of communication. The wide range of possibilities, the freedom of choice and proximity to permanent teaching and research staff help students to build their own paths, making them unique ESIEA engineers.

The school is a place of reciprocal enrichment, for both the students and the ESIEA team, fostering the full potential of each and every one.


Louis Jouanny

Managing Director of The ESIEA Group