Our students can benefit from a cutting-edge and original programme thanks to ESIEA’s strong partnership with SKEMA Business School. This unique programme combines the expertise and international networks of both school and delivers a solid teaching in engineering and management.



The programme is delivered entirely in English on ESIEA’s Paris campus. Courses start in September. 

SKEMA Business School is one of France’s leading management schools with campuses in Paris, Lille and Sophia-Antipolis. It benefits from an international EQUIS accreditation and is a member of the Conference des Grandes Ecoles. Its Masters degree is State-accredited.

Although ESIEA and SKEMA Business School provide teaching in specific fields, both schools share common values and teaching methods, focusing on high-level practice, a series of real-life projects for all students, soft-skills and scientific research.


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From Information Systems to logistics, customer relationship and human resources, data is everywhere and is just waiting to be analysed. Managers need an analytic and scientific approach to understand the algorithms they work with in order to translate and explain data to the public and their collaborators.

Our programme aims at training those future managers and ensures they acquire the set of skills they will need to understand, use and develop visualizations and artificial-intelligence-based algorithms. Thanks to this specific and original curriculum, our students are able to provide the business world with technical and innovative solutions to its issues.

This programme makes it possible for future engineers and future managers to acquire a dual expertise and an international background.  They benefit from a strong team-spirit, human and social skills, curiosity, project works, a strong ability to solve technical issues and manage AI-based projects.

Who can apply ?


  • The MSc in 1 year is open to students with a 4 years higher education degree 
  • The MSc in 2 years is open to students with a Bachelor Degree (3 years in higher-education)


Autumn semester, 30 credits

  • Artificial Intelligence, Challenges and Tools, Introduction to Data Science

Become aware of the economic impact of digital disruption. Understand opportunities and connections in the data processing chain for value creation.

2 credits, taught by ESIEA
  • Overview of the Existing System

Learn analysis and visualisation solutions and techniques. Get to know the main algorithms and structures, neural networks, machine learning, deep learning. Keep up to date with the latest technological developments.

4 credits, taught by ESIEA /SKEMA

  • Business Solutions Management

Mastering the ecosystems and tools, project management, legal aspects (RGPD)

2 credits, taught by ESIEA

  • Cloud Computing

Understand the concept of virtualisation. Know the different architectures: public, private, hybrid cloud. Be aware of the issues of confidentiality, sovereignty and costs.

1 credit, taught by ESIEA

  • Big Data Architectures

Learn Spark, Hadoop, MapReduce

2 credits, taught by ESIEA

  • Advanced Management and Implementation of Solutions

Understand the techniques of real-time data analysis (log processing). Know blockchain. Ensure data quality and governance.

2 credits, taught by ESIEA /SKEMA

  • Smart Home 
2 credits, taught by ESIEA


  • Cyber Security 
2 credits, taught by ESIEA


  • Preparation for writing the thesis + identification, qualification, analysis of information and developments in AI 

(group project with feedback throughout the two semesters)

2 credits, taught by SKEMA


Spring semester, 30 credits


  • Corporate Strategy, Law and Ethics 
5 credits, taught by SKEMA
  • Change Management
2 credits, taught by ESIEA /SKEMA


  • Digital Consulting / Consulting Methods
2 credits, taught by ESIEA /SKEMA


  • Start-up / Creativity / Entrepreneurship 
2 credits, taught by SKEMA


  • Project in groups over the year, provided by companies, mentoring + 
5 credits, taught by various companies


  • In-company modules (2 credits each, taught by various companies)

– Microsoft

– Acticall / AI client experience

– IBM / Watson Application

– Accenture

– Devoteam

– Facebook


Professional thesis : 30 credits





  1. Artificial Intelligence
    Understanding the basic mechanisms of AI and what is at stake with its development. Understanding the different tools, platforms and algorithms used in AI. Selecting the right solution, platform or algorithm to solve an issue. Gathering information and keeping informed regarding the development of AI.
  2. Change management and Project Management
  3. Cybersecurity
    Understanding the risks and the impact of cybersecurity on businesses (with the help and expertise of a set of specialists and professionals). Managing the different aspects of cybersecurity and handling secret information.
  4. General skills
    Social skills, communication and teamwork, creativity, innovation.
  5. Ethics and International legal issues



Promotions contain a limited number of students. ESIEA encourages potential applicants to apply as soon as possible.


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