ESIEA works in synergy with its scientific and economic environment, and regularly adapts its courses and teaching methods to include more input from businesses and develop opportunities for its students and graduates.

With a wide and strong network, ESIEA trains creative, adaptable, innovative, internationally oriented and open to entrepreneurship engineers.

Key figures of ESIEA

1 school/ 3 campuses (Paris/Ivry/Laval)

60 years of experience in teaching engineers

More than 7 800 Alumni
> 1 Specialize Master
> 2 BADGEs (Assessment of Competency issued by Grandes Ecoles) from the CGE (Conference of Grandes Écoles)

More than 1 300 students
3 main laboratories and  1 exploratory
24 researchers et 9 PhD students

60 partner schools or universities in more than 25 countries

13 months of internship in France and worldwide

16 % of graduates working abroad
Around 5 % of entrepreneurs each year