Security of Information and Systems is currently a fast developing area at ESIEA. Two of the specialist engineers’ tasks are to anticipate and react in the face of aggressive hackers and to protect against all possible losses of information. Their prime strategic issue is information and systems security. Their watchwords are security and network code.

Operational Cryptology and Virology (CVO)

The CVO laboratory conducts research into IT security in the fields of defensive and offensive computing.

The techniques involved are cryptology (information protection), steganography (protection of the communication channels), embedded system security (rFId, smart cards, etc.) and virology (virus and antivirus analysis). The laboratory has special “protected zone” status so that it can perform high-level security work on behalf of the French state.

  • Confidentiality during a communication session,
  • Confidentiality and integrity of exchanged messages.
  • Electronic identification and authentification,
  • Electronic signatures,
  • Cryptoanalysis, watermarking, digital imagery, etc.

A specialised Masters Degree in Information Systems Security (Bac+6) has been developed to train future information security specialists and managers. The course provides students with a detailed overview of the field of systems safety and more generally management of the risk associated with the security of company information.