Educating engineers who combine high levels of technical and scientific expertise with proven personal skills; this is ESIEA’s ambition. This balance of skills makes our graduates attractive to employers and enhances their ability to progress within professional organisations and in varied fields.

The 1st year: mastering the basics and becoming familiar with new disciplines

Fresh from their achievements at high school level, the students begin their next challenge. ESIEA differs from other schools in that, right from the start of the first year, students learn about the scientific and technological tools and methods they will need in the future as an engineer.

The educational aim of this so-called “transition” year is to provide everyone, regardless of their learning background, with a methodological, scientific and technical foundation that best prepares them for success in their future studies. uring this 1st year students can structure and develop what they have already learned about maths and physics, and discover more about IT and electronics, working in small groups, and on real-world applications right from the start.

2nd and 3rd years: project-based learning and constructing a personal learning pathway

By the 2nd year, students are ready for instruction in igital Sciences and Technologies; to learn and ultimately master the fundamentals of these disciplines. uring the 2nd and 3rd years (called the “fundamentals” phase), there are 4 projects to complete (scientific, technical and personal skills training); students can start to think about their professional project and which of the two specialisation options they’d like to take. Students also have to choose where they want to go for their international internship.

The First Three Years

  • A one-month internship (minimum) mandatory to discover a company from within
  • Working abroad, in the form of an internship in a research laboratory or a company
  • Options for studying abroad, from the end of the 1st year, lasting 1 or 2 semestres
  • 12 projects based on your own ideas or selected from a broad range of options