All applicants who are not French and/or who are enrolled in an academic program outside of France (accredited by the French state or not) need to apply on line at:

campus_franceAll complete applications will be examined. The applicants who make the short list will then have a telephone interview. All candidates who are not French nationals must also register through the on-line system at Campus France.

Students who would like to come to ESIEA on an exchange program (ERASMUS, BRAFITEC, CREPUQ or bilateral agreement) need to contact the international coordinator of their home institution. ESIEA is accredited by the French government and as such can accept students with financial aid from the French state.

Attention: Except for one semester reserved for exchange students, all engineering courses at ESIEA are taught in French. You must present proof of B2 level in French to be admitted.

If your French is weak, we suggest that you apply through the n+i program (en gras) (only after a successfully completed Bachelor’s in a related field) for preparatory courses in the French language before integrating ESIEA. Visit the n+I portal here for more information: