About ESIEA 
15 January 2016

Find out more about what makes ESIEA special and how students are led to become engineers able to adapt and participate in economic and social change.

ESIEA’s teaching methods are regularly updated to keep up with the technologies and the industries.

Dalila KATEB, Doctor of Mathematics, Head of Teaching and Academic Programmes at ESIEA explains how ESIEA is structured to follow the evolutions of technology and how it adapts its methods and teachings though time.

"It is essential that every student acquire a global understanding of the complementary fields of Digital Sciences and Technologies (Information Technology, Electronics), combined with Personal Skills Training, so that they can comprehend how systems work both from an overall perspective and in detail. Once they have reached this point, students can gradually put together their individual programme of learning, since they have the self-knowledge and information they need to make the choices suited to their profile: strengthening their scientific knowledge or developing managerial skills. Due to the complementary nature of the components of ESIEA's programme, students will have the skills needed to deal with the diverse demands of the workplace, and lead a fulfilling personal life: curious, aware of the needs of others, and keen to continuously evolve and improve. The structure set up by the school fosters these qualities: they form a firm foundation for a rewarding professional and personal life."
Dalila Kateb


Groupe d'étudiants en informatique