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15 October 2017

To optimise the employment prospects for its students, ESIEA organises numerous meetings with companies. During their five years on the course, students spend up to 15 months on internships, meet professionals from the corporate world, construct their professional project and can count on help from Alumni.

ESIEA amongst the engineering schools most recommended by recruiters according to David Majorel, Director of the Information Systems Division at Michael Page.

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Special relationships with companies

An engineering school must prepare its students for the start of their working life; ESIEA takes this responsibility very seriously.

From year 1, students attend the careers Forum, alongside older students, to speak with professionals from various sectors of activity: this helps them find out what their future employers are really expecting.

A few examples of company involvement in the school’s teaching programme:

  • Sending experts from the company to teach specific modules,
  • Proposing subjects and supervising scientific and technical projects,
  • Participating in conferences for specific professions and in the 4th year seminar,
  • Supervising and supporting student projects and clubs,
  • Collaborating in defining specialisation modules.


The students are the primary beneficiaries of these initiatives thanks to the various contacts that they develop at a very early stage and which steer them towards their choice of internship or the start of their career.


Work placements are an excellent way to put knowledge into practice and consolidate understanding. It is also a good way to gradually become familiar with the professional world.
A student who joins the course in the 1st year will spend a total of 15 months on internships :

  • The shop floor internship: 1 month to get to know the company,
  • The technical internship: 4 to 5 months at the end of the 4th year,
  • The mission abroad: mandatory before the final-year internship, it lasts for a minimum of 3 months,
  • The final-year internship: lasts for 6 months, it brings ESIEA’s programme to a close.


ESIEA got also the highest grade in Challenges magazine’s  special issue about high education. Its engineering degree got 3 stars out of 3.


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