As a top-ranked engineering school, ESIEA’s mission is to train engineers capable of designing, developing and integrating systems and applications in the IT field.

Solid IT training


ESIEA is an engineering school providing training in information systems and embedded systems.

ESIEA favours a multidisciplinary approach. Courses and projects integrate several fields of study at once, allowing students to see the connections between computer programming and mathematics or physics and electronics… This holistic approach better prepares our students for the realities an engineer confronts on a daily basis.

Information systems touch our lives on all levels. The employment opportunities are endless : from systems and network administrators to analyst / programmers in all areas of industry.

Embedded systems lead to concrete realisations : mobile technologies, virtual and augmented reality, robots for exploration or industrial projects. By stuyding programmable components and signal processing our students learn to master systems as a whole.


A scientific project every year : going from “a big idea” to a concrete realisation


ESIEA trains engineers.  The word engineer comes from the Latin “ingenium” which evokes notions of innovation, creativity and the ability to go beyond what already exists.

Our pedagogical approach fosters invention and innovation. Our students apply skills they have acquired to a variety of projects which become more and more complex each year.

This is an effective way to prepare them for technologies that are constantly changing and also encourages them to innovate and to develop teamworking skills.